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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Where is the force?

I am struggling now.

I seem to have hit a weird flat and I cannot seem to find the enthusiasm to give the last Tumbleweed the physical and mental energy that it demands.

Maybe its nerves but I feel lack lustre and banal.
I cannot think about it anymore.

I will do it and I have to find the force from somewhere....

My goodness, how much do I want to finish this project but at the same time I feel anxious, disappointed and sad that it is nearly over.  I feel bereft of creativity.  I have a tremendous and overwhelming sense of 'can't be bothered'.
Its frightening.  It must be the nerves.  The pressure feels immense.  I cant seem to get excited.

OF COURSE it is part of the process ...
I have never done anything so demanding of every part of me and I am not sure who I am at the moment.  I have never done 5 large works back to back.

COME ON LOUIJI .... One more week.
Then thats it you say goodbye to the work.  They will be gone.

I will pull it off but with only days left to finish I wish I had more time but at the same time I cant face anymore.  My hands and arms and shoulders hurt.

It will be worth it in the end. 

I will do it.

I am just being melodramatic.



  1. C'monnnnnn you can do it, your work is AMAZING and there is noting like it out there, so finish it so we can see another gorgeous louiji piece.

  2. I've had that feeling - not fun - but you will do it. Just recently found your blog/work and love what you do.



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