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Wednesday, 28 July 2010


I have just read my first negative comment which has come through and although short, it digs deep.  But that's OK... freedom of speech and all that jazz ... shame its always anonymous when its negative.
I certainly did not want to offend anyone yesterday with my writing but it had to happen sooner or later that someone doesnt like what I write. Please remember this is not a 'professional website' but a personal insight into my work and life as an individual freelance artist and of contemporary art and embroidery.

I have left my life in Britain to come and teach ladies of all abilities to express themselves creatively and to promote a healthy and zealous approach to embroidery. I am tremendously passionate about teaching. I care deeply about and respect the women I work with, giving each person as much attention, energy and help as I possibly can with 14/15 people in each class. It is an honour to be asked here and I aim to really make a difference and get people thinking in new ways. I love my ladies and the experience is fantastic. The thought of hurting some one's feelings mortifies me and I am sorry if you think I am unprofessional and boring too but I don't think you quite got my drift.

The workshop went extremely well today and this morning when I went in everybody sat and listened, it was lovely. It was so much easier to communicate, enjoy sharing techniques AND work as a group. It is more challenging for everyone if people insist on chatting over each other during demo etc. I believe from my experience that it is an effective way of diverting from the task at hand in parts of the workshop that are creatively demanding and for some uncomfortable. I know because I have been teaching women for 15 years.

You have to break a few eggs to make an omlette....bla bla bla
Sometimes people do need a firework up their skirts but come on ... don't take me so bloody seriously .... For starters this is a form of expression, I mean really imagine that... a firework up your skirt... it could be quite fun. Anyway, if you don't agree that embroidery needs a firework up its skirt sometimes, that we all get stuck in a rut occasionally, that it is hard for people to venture out of their comfort zone in two days and that I have a flabby bottom then maybe you should stop reading my blog.  

I would rather give you something to grouch about and get a reaction than be seen as always 'Professional.'  I am prepared to listen, I am prepared to put my feelings on the line and I am prepared to take your comments on board. BUT I am not prepared to edit my writing anymore than I already do as this would result in more banal, squeaky clean, dishonest and paranoid blog. If you knew me you would know that the last thing I want to do is hurt any body's feelings and that I have all my students interests at heart.

On behalf of the staff here at Louise Gardiner's Blog.

Thanks for your comment.
If you don't like it don't read it.


  1. Bridget @ Gorstella28 July 2010 at 21:38

    Hi Lou

    Really enjoying the blog - only dipping in and out - but love your writing style! Glad it is all going so well - keep pushing those ladies!

  2. Hi Louise, Everyone at some time in their lives needs a wee firecracker of creativity, I'm game! I had a moment of aha when you said we tend to not start if we think it will be mediocre, pretty much where I am at the moment and I think part of the NZ psyche to think we can't do it - can't produce what is in our head - It never turns out the way we thought it would be.
    Anyway - I have a friend who does sports/relaxation massage professionally and will check out a deal - she just does it round the corner from me. So should be able to check out something...Enjoy your Queenstown break - I used to live in Wanaka - the scenery is stunning.
    very restful - will you get time to have a few days to yourself??
    cheers Annette

  3. Crikey Louise... don't ever change! You are entertaining, funny as well as fabulously inspiring and creative. If "anonymous" doesn't like it then that's their problem. Boo hiss to them I say!

  4. I am sorry if I sounded prickly though .... I am just a bit over tired I suppose and it came out in a way I didnt intend at all.
    Big Smiles to all.

    Lou the Schmoo.



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