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Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Today it turned around and this is the first time on this trip where I really felt the ladies needed a third day.... things were only just hotting up and the pieces had huge potential and then we had to finish.

There were some potentially cracking embroideries and I realised that the firey bunch of chatty chuck chucks were enjoying the workshop.  Its not really the embroidery that counts,  thats a byproduct.  I love to see when it makes a difference to peoples confidence,  it warms my cockles.  A tight squeeze and a cuddle and a refreshing bit of VA VA VOOM WAAAAAAA!!!!!!!  But lets be realistic.... You can't please everybody but you can damn well try.

I get so worried when I think that some of the ladies aren't enjoying themselves or they are disappointed with their work.  I worry too much and it makes me feel crap as a teacher ... but on several occasions today a few ladies took me to one side and said some gorgeously encouraging things and that they had gained a tremendous amount from being pushed in a new direction.  WOO WAH WOO WAH.  Int that fabulous? 


As I say in all my workshops we are all such hard judges of ourselves. We tend to focus on the negative.... God Knows I do!  I hate it about myself and that is probably why I teach the opposite to compensate for being a miserable old cow sometimes.

I told my gorgeous hosts about my discovery of a few grey hairs this morning and they suggested it was   a case of 'Osmosis.'  

Anyway I now have a beer in my hand and tomorrow I am going to have a hair cut and get doing some bendy yoga, try and get some skiing booked and I will be staying in a hostel meeting all bloody sorts! 

Shizzers .. I dont know if I can cope.  I am a bit nervous. 
I dont want to leave my hosts at all ... but I have to venture out there and get keyed in to who I am when I am not Teacher.  Aghhhhhhhhhhhh!  The real world..... 

Haven't even been in town yet... cant remember it at all so far from the last trip ... but honestly folks... its an amazing place to live and it is beautiful.  

Ta Ta!

P.S ... Queenies ... will upload photos tomorrow.  Too tired now... x

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