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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Its a funny thing this creativity fluff....

I cannoot speak an I have a long line of festering, raw, teeth rubbing, tongue ulcers.  
How attractive is that.  

My brain is not connected top my mouth, my eyes are dry and I need to clean my ears.  Anyway, people only want me for my answers so looks don't matter anymore, its quite refreshing to a point.  
I have even noticed I have got a few grey hairs.  Not just one but a few.    

Queenstown is fabulous.  I haven't even been into town yet but I just like it, straight away.  
I have walked around a lake tonight, I try to go on a walk after each day of teaching to get some air.  
I have taught approx 70 women so far since 10th July.  
Thats 70 embroideries.  

Queenstown Guild are chatty.  
They are bloody lovely vibrant and eclectic women, and a young confident bunch but my god they can talk.  I have had a few real belly laughs but trying to get their attention .... I need a ship horn and a stick.  

I am tired though so when I talk I am not as sharp and fluid as I would like to be.  Its like having a long distance chat on an old crossed phoneline and I hear myself repeat a few moments later and there are all sorts of random voices having more interesting conversations in the background and I flounder and prattle on trying to get my fat sore tongue around the words but it just feels like a old rolled flannel in my mouth.  Still giving it my best shot OF COURSE!!!!... even over compensating as I know I feel like a bag of spanners and want to inject the ladies with enthusiastic confidence and FUN.
Its hard this kind of teaching .... I really want people to have a good time but its a challenge pushing people out of their comfort zone because some of them could do with a bit of a creative firework up their skirt to be honest.  I am trying to be that firework but in two days its difficult for anyone to let go ..... Some ladies get caught in a rut and they hate being pushed out of their comfort zone, its perfectly natural.  They are a talented bunch but their raw creative flair and working from scratch design skills, it has to be said, are a bit like my bottom muscles... underdeveloped but have masses of potential with a little time, patience and effort.  They must have come on my workshop for something and I get tremendously frustrated when I feel I am not delivering what they want but it is a two ay process.

We are all scared of letting go and being mediocre, not amazing.  You have to bloody start somewhere ... it didn't happen for me in an hour ... you have to step over the edge and spread your wings.... Its a bit like a dream when you fly and you think 'Wicked, this is brilliant, wooooooo' and then the sudden realisation that you have to land,  you are going to land any second, you are zooming towards the ground and you have no idea how..... but then you wake up and it was all a dream and you have a cup of tea and a pee and actually everything is fine and nothing is as dramatic as all that and you go to work. 


I have no idea what on earth that has to do with anything.

On my walk I saw a kestrel type hawk bird eat a small dead bird on a branch ... She was enjoying her dindins so much that I managed to get only two metres away.   I watched her pull the red meat from this little fluffy headless bony blob with legs and occasionally spit out a clump of fluff and feathers in my direction.  
Reminded me of a my Nanna eating bony fish.  Bless her long gone now cottons.  

Still miss her all these years later especially when I write postcards.  Almost started writing one the other day but then remembered she's been dead for over 10 years.  Weird that I would forget.
So reluctantly decided not to as I wouldn't know where to post it. 

Hope you are dandy and the QT totty ... You should be doing your homework!

Loufirecracker Gardibang bang.


  1. I think that a professional person would not be making such remarks about students on their blog site. Glad that you realised you were being boring.

  2. Hi Lousie just wanting to know if you want me to book a massage for you when you get to me. ?? You sound like you need one!
    Annette Christchurch

  3. Dear Annette,

    That is very sweet of you and sounds like a plan.... is it expensive?
    Thanks for thinking of this.... looking forward to meeting you.




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