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Sunday, 25 July 2010


After work today I drove Marshall and I down to the beach for some sea air and some exercise in Nelson in his car which is an automatic. 

Marshall is 86 on Thursday.

I love his shoes although they are rubbing his little toe a bit.  
BUT in the UK at the moment a lot of the dudes in Briz are wearing these.  
He does his exercises every day!    

Self resistance arm exercises ... harder than it looks.

I did a few but now am suffering with awful neck ache although I have been totally rubbish at doing my yoga which I absolutely love but cant seem to find the head space.  Probably when I need it most!

The old aches and pains are creeping back in big time from lugging that 25 kg case around and my 15 kg ruck sack... THANK GOODNESS i deicided not to carry the machine provided for me around at Hamilton.... it would have been the end of me and evrytime I load my hulking big case in a car I think about it.   

Weak and getting tired now.... too many questions ... running out of teacher power ..
need a dark hole to climb in.

Louij blur blurrrrr.

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  1. Wow,congratulation to marshall.He is turning 86 and look at him he look as if he is in his 60's.I'm sure great time are spent with him because he looks so happy.I think that's the secret of his age.



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