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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Theres no ninconpoops in Nelson.

I am going to have to stop putting all this work on here ... but it is so hard to resist and so hard to choose.  

I don't want to put non embroidery enthusiasts from following me en route ...dont worry in a few days I will be a tourist again  for my days off and will entice you with exotic wonderment and out of body experiences in the New Zealand country side... and get some self timer art back on the roll.  
You know how you love that.

Anyway I hope you enjoy these too from the Nelson workshop.  
There will come a time when I have possibly over saturated this blog with students work .  So I am going to have to be slightly more brutal with numbers. 

Still missing the New Plymouth BIRD pieces though ... can anyone send me a few???  
Wendy are you there?  

Louji ... nearly wearly half way through. 

Time to recharge those Bats.  :/

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