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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Spring Studio Sale of Original Works and Framed Prints

It is probable that I will be moving studios in 2015 and I have decided that instead of delivering embroideries to galleries here and there that I would try an online direct sale first! 
This means that I can bring the price right down as a special event to find these characters good homes and to make space for the creative spirit to grow and new ideas to flourish!

Most of these artworks were embroidered for my Publishers Woodmansterne for my 6 year collection of Lou Gardiner greetings cards which are sold internationally but most importantly at John Lewis!  
So, they are very recognisable pieces which will hopefully make YOU smile like 1000's of others.   

'Feeling Lucky' 
Original Framed Embroidery and Applique

'Twit Twoo about You'
Embroidered Owls on Branch - Original

'Hello Hoopoe'
Original Embroidered Bird with Brolly

'Hoopoe with Handbag'
Original Embroidered framed Bird

'Reach For the Stars'  
Original Woodmansterne Embroidered Illustration
33x 40cm

'Swing it Sista'
Original Woodmansterne Embroidered Illustration
33x 40cm

'Living in the Fast Lane'
Original Woodmansterne Illustration

Original Embroidered Illustration
49 x 37cm

Limited Edition Print
52 x 46cm

Limited Edition Print
66x 67cm

'Toucan Joe'  
Original Embroidery and Applique with Leather and PVC
58 x 76cm

'Bonjour Canard'
Original Embroidery and Applique

'Love is ...'
Framed Ltd Edition Print
102 x 88cm

Please email me if you are interested in any of the above pieces.


Thanks, Lou :-)


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