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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Let it snow...

Even now, I still get a tingling of excitement when the morning light in my bedroom says 'LOOK OUTSIDE!' and you pull up the blind or swing back the curtains and everything is white. What a wondrous thing snow is.  For the earth to be covered in a soft white blanket and to see splobs of cold fluff to be falling from the sky is so refreshing and magical. Constant, fast but strangely slow.

Yes of course it can be challenging and chilly but its such a nice change to see the surroundings in a new light.  A bright white light reflecting everywhere.  And also knowing that it will soon melt and that you have to grasp the moment and get out there whilst it is untouched... seeing the new country side and listening to the unusual sounds under your feet.  I love it.

At the moment I am grasping each January day as it comes along knowing that my creativity is stirring and building.  I have some lovely challenging commissions ahead of me, birds and hedgerows, words and seedlings;  I am looking forward to getting involved with these pieces for new clients.  I am so lucky to be able to do this work and instead of panicking and giving myself a hard time - unless I am physically grafting away at the machine, often not giving credit to the rest of my important duties, giving myself unrealistic deadlines... I am now learning to concentrate and appreciate the smaller jobs, administration, technological blockages that come with being freelance.
But most importantly, I am nurturing my own heart and filling my mind with calm and nourishment.  Special things take time.

Look after yourself ... nurture your creativity however small you see it ... open your mind and your heart as much as possible.  Its so important to stop once in a while and tidy your space, recharge and prepare.  Life is fast but whats shocking and we all forget a lot of the time that we are meant to enjoy it.  YES WE ARE!

So take the time to look at the heavily dusted branches of the hedge rows and trees, the crispy beech leaves mixed up with white, the thin long line of fluff along a wire fence, the mixed up foot prints of other peoples journeys, the fluffy tops of cars and appreciate the change, the diversity of our wonderful weather.

Hallelujiah ... there was just a flash of light and a huge crack of thunder in the sky.  My writing isn't that good!!! Ha ha. I try.

Nature is a strong and powerful force that puts things in perspective.

And now I can hear rain against the window.
Is the snow going... tomorrow maybe gone?
But it was gorgeous whilst it lasted.

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  1. What a lovely encouraging heart-warming post; I know other creative types (including myself) are struggling a bit with the January doom and gloom and lacking their usual vavavoom. I like the way your post encourages us to see the wonder of nature in winter and the beauty in it, even if are bones are cold and our brains are sluggish. Thank you :)



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