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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Sometimes its scary that it all comes down to you and what you make of it .....

Don't you think?!

All this 'life is what you make it' and 'fortune favours the brave' makes me feel tired sometimes.
My new moto for 2015 is just be honest with how you are feeling right now and if thats rubbish then so be it.  If its lazy... then so be it.  If its joyous... great enjoy.  If its boring... so what.

If I am not feeling creative ... well there you go I am not and if I am feeling frightened of the future well then I am and it will change on its own I don't need to pretend to be brave.
I have had a life time of trying to achieve and do and be successful but 2015 for me is about just being.

So there you go --- thought for the day. Rock and Roll. I have become a guru. HA!

I am sure I will change my mind tomorrow.



  1. I think we beat ourselves up sometimes, but how you feel is how you feel and adding in the "shoulds" & "oughts" isn't usually helpful! You are sounding very mindful & if I've learnt one thing about my mind it is that it is in constant flux- I can feel bleugh one minute & full of positivity the next! Hey ho! Wishing you lots of good things for 2015.x

  2. I hate all those inspirational memes that pop up on Pinterest and Facebook etc, they just make me groan. Yeah, lets just be, I'm with you on that. x

  3. Being what's expected of us is sometimes exhausting! As my teenage daughter would say, "Chill your beans!"
    Be what makes you happy. That's the ultimate success! If you're happy, then thats the greatest achievement in life. x



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