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Monday, 15 December 2014

Products with personality

I was lucky to be given the wonderful opportunity to exhibit in Hoopers, Wilmslow, twice this year.  First of all I did a double window display for the Wilmslow art trail as seen in a post below.  
I sold a large quilt out of the window (seen below) to a fab couple who have now become friends and actually Mrs J now does some marketing and events help for me which I really needed as I was beginning to drown in admin and emails. 

'Spontaneous Geraniums' 
Printed Silk with Embroidery and Appliqué - wall hanging or quilt.
Sold in Hoopers window.  I am planning to make a couple of large velvet pieces. 
Wouldn't they be gorgeous! 

I have developed the beginnings of a cushion collection and am pondering the overall look of my designs which I suppose are maybe more eccentric than I originally thought.  I am so surrounded by colour and texture that I lose sight of how complex and colourful my designs are.  I have always been a brave experimenter of colour, I adore pattern, mixing things up and creating an eclectic feel probably a result of years experimenting with paint and fabric in the studio and also travelling to rich and colourful places such as India.

'Because I love you' 
Cotton Sateen Cushions - limited range for Hoopers.
Printed and  handmade cushions from Cheshire, England.

These cushions have been printed individually from photographs taken of my embroidered artworks. 
All different, they either have a printed Lou Gardiner style faux mini leopard reverse (which is actually a mix of straight stitch and zig zag) OR they have brightly coloured velvet or silk. 

I asked Nikki, who helps me make the cushions, to use a chunky piping with the velvet to give a sumptuous and tactile finish. I don't like doing things by halves or cutting corners.  

A pile of cotton sateen and velvet cushions by me!

The longer cushions are great for supporting your back either in bed having a cup of tea, on the sofa  or in the car.  Some of the cushions have a tufty fringe finish which I found in a shop in Macclesfield. Which reminds me .. I must go back and buy the rest as they only have one off things there!

You Blow Me Away - Tumbleweed cushion. 

Both my tumble weed cushions sold - they have a great story and background.
The story of the Saatchi piece 'You blow me Away' was such an important part of my career and the absolutely beautiful to touch grey velvet on the reverse was also used to line the ceilings of sports cars. It is the most tactile velvet I have ever felt and I only have a little left.

I have sold all my poufs except one which is super luxurious and looking for a glamorous home.  Another quilt sold in Hoopers at my second appearance at my POP UP November shop - which was a great success.  Will be doing another one soon!  It has been very rewarding working with my first department store and a family run one at that! A great way to begin this retail adventure. 

Me, my hands and my Cushions. 

A fantastically generous friend Emma Williams now does a lot of my photography.  
She has been so amazing devoting time to our little shoots and I hope that she has found working with my products interesting as she is getting paid in products!  
Emma does a lot of photography for the National Trust - if you are wanting to meet or hire the most down to earth photographer in the world... She is your woman!  

What with my creative quirks and her photography skills we have quite a laugh doing simple shoots which try to capture both the personality of the cushions, the authenticity of my designs and ME!  
I don't photograph as well as cushions until I have had a large Gin and Tonic which is obligatory and well timed at EW's Studio. 

So next step ... Heals, Selfridges, 
Fortnum and Mason, Harrods?
Wish me luck!  I need it! 

I am very lucky having the friends I have.  They all give me so much time and help.  
Thank you for your support.  

Lou Bear! x

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  1. You have had an amazing year by all accounts -lots of new ventures, exposure & hopefully sales!!! I'm so pleased it is going well for you. The photos are great & I think it is really important to capture your personality as it is so intrinsically linked to your work. Always lovely to bump into you round about.



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