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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Goings On...

My desk on my left.

How much is enough?

Details and more details... Hours and hours later ....

Creating my own label.... The only hand sewing you will find except for hundreds of tiny glass beads.  Copyright Louise Gardiner!

Stretching it at last...

Jess Stevenson- Director and Film maker extraordinaire. 
Day of Film Making ... Commissioned by the Crafts Council... to be shown at the Saatchi - May 12th.

Luke Scully... top dollar camera man....


Back to Number 5 .... 1 week to go.  

As it is now 6.45 in the morning and I have been dreaming like a fruit cake about boats in snow, old friends tickling my tummy, people following me down the street talking at me through rolled up cones of paper and long black plastic tubes, doing dodgy deals with Thai shop keepers, walking through Delhi, London, lying in huge beds made of fir trees with 100s of other people and The Cookie Monster eating all the leaves whilst we sleep and leaving tiny shards of green stuff in our ears.  
Whoahhhhh ... Stop there Louiji. 

I am going to eat some porridge and get to the studio.  
ONE week to go before delivery day.  
And no where near finished.

Over and out.

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