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Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Its OK everybody .... I am back on it and embroidering on.

A Tu Ron Ron.
I must go on.

A Tu Ron Ron.
A Tu Ron Ron.

I had a minor fatigue driven FLAT but today I ate my porridge .. did some yoga... went for a quick march and am getting on.  Its because every canvas requires the same layers of technique, complicated repetitive layers of the same way of working and its not till you get to the same level of the last piece does it become fun again as you are just repeating yourself .... ifyerknorwhaImean.

A favourite family friend called round with his 96 year old Mother.
She was an absolute delight and she gasped when I showed her number 3 and was flummoxed at how I had made the thing.  It was very touching and immensely satisfying to see the ultimate Lady admire my work.  Its so lovely to share something new and different with people that have been around such a long time.  It was total magic to see her eyes light up and her thoughts unravelling in her gorgeous experienced face as she was listening to me explain the processes.  Its amazing how open minded and interested people in their nineties can be.  I don't mean for that to sound patronising.  A few of my favourite people are at least twice my age and they really make me laugh.  Sharp as a tack.
I miss my Nana actually... she used to give me sherry when I went round and steak and homemade chips!

Precious people.
Old School.
I have found the force.

Radio 4 is good today.
There was a program about kissing.

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  1. Heard the programme about kissing!
    Glad you have got back into the oomph of it all.
    Older people are great aren't they- they are often unshockable because they've seen it all before! Keep on- the end is in sight!!!



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