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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Av a butchers.....


I seem to be running two blogs!

Who's bright idea was that?

The other artists don't seem to be into blogs - sensible people.  They are probably getting on with more important things like I should be but this is my social sanity!!!!

As if I haven't got enough to do... but it actually helps in a weird kind of way keep me sane.


Stitching like a wombat  The sewing machine is on fire and I am running out of time. 

Once this is over I am gonna look into CAD! 

The Crafts Council commissioned film will be out SOON!  I am excited and nervous about it.  It will be shown at 2-30pm in the Saatchi Crafts Council Event Space.

Country Living Magazine are doing a small piece about my work and The Guardian's Lovely Emma Kennedy has also done an article about me for the 'Emma's Eccentric Britain' Column ... will let you know when it is published.  Eccentric... Me? Mad maybe.  She is a fabulous nutter and very funny so it should be good.

It's all happening!  


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  1. Always buzzing!
    Nipped in to see Rachel Howard's exhibition at Styal today- see you got there before me!!



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