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Thursday, 29 March 2012

PAM used to be known as something you made your sandwiches with

I just checked my PAM / JUNK/ RUBBISH EMAILS BOX.

And I was struck by the email title ...


"Goshhhhh!" I thought to myself.  Now there's a catchy title.

Good Lord I thought, maybe I can get some "HUMONGOUS BOUNCY BOOBIES" for COLLECT.
I could change my image!  I could get my hair dyed ... not sure which colour yet? What dya reckon?
I havent died my hair for 5 years and I dont miss it except for a pixy sprinkling of the odd grey hair which I have noticed of late.  AGHHHH. Breath.
Maybe 5 or 6 in total ...AND YES I pulled them out furiously shouting at the mirror with fire in my eyes!



I digress.
I am going to go to any lengths possible to be GLAMOUROUS.  I am CHANGING my image.
I am going to get my but tucked, my boobs done, my hair dyed, my legs extended, a tattoo on my back saying ' CRAFT IS PANE: PANE IS CRAFT" and get myself some bad bitch heels and some Moshino.

Thats ma plan.

Laters Potatas. X

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