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Monday, 22 August 2011

New Studio Block

Just a quickie as I am tired after after a fun days teaching ... a new eclectic and interesting and friendly ladies aged I reckon from 20 something to 80 something.  I have two ladies all the way from AUSTRALIA! One lady from Norfolk, two from Exeter way... one lady from Liverpool and one lady from York to name but a few.

I have been working on two commissions as an attempt to get into the zone in the old dairy ... my new temporary studio.  I have to say it isn't flowing at the moment and my lack of a permanent base is beginning to set in.  I feel unsettled and codependent.  I have what I suppose some people would call a creative block but I would call it just general frustration and also fear of a huge amount of challenging commissions.  The days just slip by.

I try to teach my students to tackle creativity one step at a time.  This is easier said than done.  It's that weird end of summer time when all I want to do is to make the most of the outdoors but know too well that I am falling behind with deadlines.

I flung myself around at 'Chick boxing' tonight which is a quick and efficient way to get sweaty, red in the face and intensely irritated by the instructor who always arrives late and rattles on in her Madonna style microphone about the boring details of her everyday life.  Her latest subject being her broken computer and celebrity big brother.  I have never got over the time she asked me mid star jumps whether I was a 'Corry' or an 'Eastenders' fan.  She also gives us regular updates on her exercise class stalkers or various peoples personal details. Call me old fashioned.

I am missing a regular yoga practice both in my mind and body and feel increasingly 'fly' if that makes any sense.  I wish I was more zen and cool and calm but I just don't seem to find the time!

Anyway ... back to teaching tomorrow. Its always a joy to be surrounded by such lovely people.
I am very lucky.

Looarna Gaboochickoff.


  1. Thankyou all the new blogerrobbajob Followers! Nice to see you! X

  2. Hi Louise, you need to take a little magic bottle along to those ladies and secretly bottle some of their enthusiasm to take back to the studio!



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