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Monday, 5 September 2011


Just to let you all know that my solo show 'Losing The Thread' 
will be closing this Sunday 11th September at 4-30pm after 4 months.  

I have sold 17 pieces and run 4 SUPERSTITCHER workshops in conjunction with this exhibition which opened in May. It would be lovely to have a 'bit of a crowd' as I do demonstrations on the last day - Sunday - if any of you would like to pop in. I will also be open to a little negotiation on the remaining pieces, some of which are new works I have added in the last month. 

It has been a fantastic opportunity and I have really enjoyed exhibiting my work in such a beautiful place in my home village of Styal.  
The staff have been fantastic and there have been thousands of visitors.  
Thank you to everyone who has supported me, bought work, done a workshop and written in my book.  I really appreciate it and I look forward very much to do doing another exhibition.  But where is the question!  I need to get my networking head on.  

After an admin filled few weeks....
peppered with camping festivities
the creativity is bubbling again and  
I am ready to do some seriously new exciting work. 

Lets rock.

Loulillion Lapin :[=

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