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Friday, 19 August 2011

A National Treasure

This went right through the side of my finger. 

The Absolutely lovely Dame Fiona Reynolds.

Framed ready for the NT Manchester Office.


  1. Love looking at your work.

    BTW Sorry but I don't know how my comments have ended up on your links section because I haven't done anything. I'm studying with OCA and on the student forum there have been complaints that they can't leave comments on Blogger there must be something wrong at their end???

  2. Ouchy!!!
    A wonderful piece of art! Do you have to sew in all those thread ends??

  3. No wories Susan,

    I have removed the links.

    Thanks, Louise.

  4. looks fantastic - love all the colours and patterns
    was the theme left up to you or was it given?
    hope your finger survived!



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