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Monday, 11 October 2010



You cannot and should not take advantage of the beautiful landscape of New Zealand or think that the people on your trip are going to be tourists so dumbfounded by the awesome scenery that a wet and tiny sleeping environment and luke warm macaroni cheese in a pudding bowl will do.  You should always welcome honest feedback and respect that people would not complain for the hell of it ... None of us want to have a bad time.  
Even though I say it myself, I was a really positive, proactive tour group member, I threw myself into having a good time on this trip as it was my only trip I had treated myself to.  Dnt get me wrong, I thought Doubtful Sound was beautiful ... that was until it came to eating and sleeping.  
For $400 a night I expect a dry bed amoungst other things. 
But to end this sorry tale I think we will have to accept that in the case the customer is wrong.

"Hi Louise,
Not wishing to offend you but it is not logical to say the crew were not at fault with the claims you have made.
However after investigating the issues and following up with other clients on that cruise we found you paid exactly the same as the other two in the bunkroom and other clients we managed to contact advised us not to change a thing and were quite surprised someone was complaining.
We are not in remiss of supply so therefore there will be no refund.
Mandy will be forwarding your receipt soonest.

Many Thanks &
Kind Regards



My reply -

"Thank you for your reply Richard.
Your email does not make sense ... you have now blamed your staff, told me my complaints are false and have basically ignored the facts that my trip was not up to the standard expected for the price.   
My bed was completely damp through, the carpet wet and the food poor.  
The other people were all staying downstairs in the main body of the boat, so of course they were happy.  
Maybe I just have the balls to say what I think or the knowledge of what is and what isn't exceptable quality at this price.  
You need only have offered a small discount to make me feel that I was a valued customer and to recommend it to others.  
Louise Gardiner."

I know for a fact that other people werent impressed either because unlike Fiordland Expeditions I made a few friends on the trip who have been in contact with me since.  
Ho Hum... Thank goodness we don't all treat our customers this way.

Dont believe the hype!

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