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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Agggghhhhhhh Bonjour!

BUT ... I have been having a ball.  My final week in NZ was a classic and I didn't want to leave.


A J and I were invited to an under the sea party.  With only 5 minutes to go we ran into a fantastic fancy dress shop which was about to close.  We thought the theme was rather limiting if you didn't want to dress up as a squid but how NAIVE we were! 
SO... With a flash of genius despite terrible hangover from partying the night before as well (funny how ideas pop up in the most hanging of moments) we decided to be old fashioned bathers. 

Of sorts...

But the results were rather more bonkers than we had expected..... we ended up looking more like French surrealist onion sellers without the onions.
The strange painted eyes spectacles that A and I had spotted amongst the expensive plastic delights and froo froo next to the till were so odd that we decided that they were rather overdoing it for a party which involved many of J's work colleagues so just shoved one pair down As cleavage in case the party needed spicing up a bit or was calling out for a sprinkling of the bizarre.
Aghhhhhh tres bonkers oui oui! {: 

Good idea no?

So all in all we looked pretty spesh.

BUT these were my winning outfits for the night.  

WOW!  This outfit was made with latex and GLUE!  
Not one stitch was used .... if this lady was taught to sew she could win WOW!

I had quite a laugh and ended up getting a little overexcited on the dance floor with A and J.  And for those of you that don't me that well ..... I am famous for my Roley Poleys.

After a few rude comments about the nature of my moustache placement ... I moved it.  
A whole new persona ensued....

I think you can safely say we proper fools of ourselves and decided at about 2am that we should swim home. 
I love you A and J and I miss you loads. 

I hope its not too long before our tummy's meet again.

Louiji Large Fishy Dans Le Sea Sea

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