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Thursday, 8 March 2012


Woop woop ooh agh oop!  Jiggerdy jiggerdy jiggerdy la!

I have stretched and finished the first two pieces for the Saatchi....  I just spent an hour with a can of Magners and some tunes staring at them trying to decide....
a)  Did I like them.
b) Were they what I intended them to be.
c)  Why they looked so detailed when they were meant to be simple.
d)  Was I obsessed.
e)  Should I have another can of cider.
f)  What on earth I was going to do with the next one, number 3.
g) Whether the next one should be on oyster coloured or shot bluesy green fabric background.
h)  Whether I should work on number 4 next and come back to number 3.
j) Should or shouldn't I add another thread blob to no 1.
k) Should or shouldn't I add another thread blob to no 2.
l) Should I add the tiny weeny paper bitsys and ripsys and particles peeled off no 1 to the bottom of number 1 like a circular shadow as planned.
m) Did I want to go out into the real wide world tonight????
n) Did I want to remain a hermit (that's hilarious... I just wrote virgin by mistake and had to change it.)
o) Would I have to re stretch no 2 as it seems to have developed some creases on it's bottom. (haven't we all!)
p) Was the frame I have been imagining the right one ... was it too yellow and not neutral enough.....
q) Should I get my hair cut?
r) Who should I invite to the Private view as I have very limited tickets for that particular night and all I will want to do is have a glass of bubbly or two, get horribly drunk and embarrass myself falling over and being asked to leave.
s) Should I book a hotel for the night that will be late before the morning that starts early.
t) Was I ageing as much as it seems in my studio mirror? Yes.
u) Should I go to yoga? Naghhh.
v) Should I go swimming?  Could I be arsed getting wet?
w) What should I have for tea? Should I have tea? Could I have crackers? Have I gone crackers? Should I leave the studio?  Should I leave the country?
x) How far I could ignore the rips and worn bits in the inner thigh of my jeans before they are indecent.
y) Was this project really as important as all this and why don't I just slap something quick up and concentrate on something more worthwhile LIKE A LIFE.
z) Were theses two pieces going to knock the Scotties noo noos off people who saw them or did they just look overworked and like some crafty puerile rubbish.

Oh my lordy be.  Save me from myself.  
I think.
I think I will have that cider no 2.
Then they WILL be good.

Ta Ta for now.


  1. Hehehehehehe just show us the works and we will let you know some answers to those questions :)

    1. Oh in bits I will but I have to keep the suspenders on the whole thing to make you come to the exhibition ..... :)

  2. LOL! I'm glad it isn't just me that has a chattery mind! The Magners should definitely help, though. I do think it is really hard to be objecrtive about your own work when you have been working so closely on it.

    BTW- it might seem like a good idea at the time, but I don't recommend combining yoga AND cider- you might end up in a knot:S

  3. Self-doubt is an Evil Evil Evil being! I'm sure they are Spectacular! xx Keep going, can't wait to see them R x



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