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Saturday, 10 March 2012

1 Ah Ah Ah.... 2 Ah Ah Ah.... 3 Ah Ah ?

Rock on Tommy.

I am now working on ... Ta Ta Taaaaa.....


I have not only finished 1 and 2 but they are stretched and standing there against the wall in my studio staring at me with me staring at them staring at me and me staring at them..... They are saying
"SO BIG GIRL.... Whats next????"

Number 3 is next.
Canvas number 3 of series of 5. Yap dap ba dooba.

Number one..... a scratchy thread fest of a twiggy tumble weedesque like inanimate thing which has colour just beginning to climb through it in neon stripes and a streak of black PVC.  Yeah really.

Number 2 ----- no longer an inanimate scratchy plant like thing but a thing which has caught a gust of wind and is being blown to the right .... Lots of colour now slotting through it and more black PVC..... a kind of weird organic disco blow thing with shiny oily black parts, reflective electric parts and strange thread like buds with pins created from the threads I have collected off my floor for the past ten years popping out from the twiggy things.  Both colour and reflective shards of twig (Oh Goddd did you say shards of twig!!!!) Yes shards of twig... twig shards breaking off.  Neon, organic and windswept. Ping whizz pow.

Number 3>>>>>>  So far a spinning circular tumbling plant like empty twig ball with oily black twiglets around the centre and reflective electric and gold leather twiglets around the edge... gaining momentum ... energy and life.... (yeah man energy ... life... ) More shards flying off around it, creating movement.  Sexy, naughty, oily, sharp, organic, rolling and bonkers.

Yeah right.
Right with ya Lou...n. .

(Oh dear ... signs of non social life and spending too much time in old dairy with a crate of cider.)

I tell you what though this black PVC looks bloody amazing ..... its definitely OUT THERE and it has the amazing look of oil.... which considering there is the permanent OIL installation by Richard Wilson in the gallery ... I think is pretty Coooooool.  Oh YAH!!!!  Its a pretty bloody awesome installation actually.


Anyway ... My lovely little helper S sent me this the other day .......

Bloody good advice.  

S also sent me this as we are also beginning to work on my look for the exhibition and she is my new style adviser.  I want to look HOT and fabulous and very cool and very intelligent and very edgy.  Well obviously I do already but there is no harm in 'working it working it' a bit more don't you reckon chick chicks!? 

(Enid Collins apparently.)

I might even make my own handbag and glasses out of left over PVC and some glitter glue. 
I could be part of the art. 

Good night. 


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