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Friday, 13 August 2010

Dunedin Darlings.....

Just look at these ... they are priceless! 

Work from the Dunedin workshop - proving that a creative environment which encourages art in te community and offers a free work space is absolutely beneficial in every way.  This was a really exciting workshop.  Everyones piece was inspiring and different.  

I am now in Napier ... start a workshop tomorrow but still have Christchurch's photos to post.  
Have had a bit of a bug but hoping that what with effervescent multivits and herbal tea and a lot of booze I will fight  it off.  

Hope you all good peeps.

Lou Snotsville.


  1. Ooh. You need chicken soup and hotties. Loved the pics from Dunedin. I am looking forward to working on mine this weekend. See you in five. Kath

  2. God those Dunedin gals produced good art - perhaps it was the inspiring tutor!



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