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Saturday, 19 June 2010

open 2010

My studio..... very colourful this year..

Katherarnnoooosss and the beautiful Iola.

Darts for shots. The Clockwise Media BOYZ creative genius kills me everytime. Love them.

Long. A fabulous and very tall friend who spins some great tunes. Love you Long time.

Undiscovered beauty. I am a HUGE fan of Rose Vickers and her paper cuts. Keep it sharp R.

Some detailed spontaneous hydraniums..... poof blop whizz blap.

Here are some photos from Open studio and the work I sold to some really fab fab people --- chuffed to blazers, really am. Its a privilege to sell to people, potential big friends always.
Dont laugh... I actually mean it. Nothing to do with the money..... although of course that helps!!

Just a sprinkling of snaps as have not had time to sort out yet.....

My favourite super hero .... Louis electro light magic. What a legend.

Too tired to label...... need bed.

Ta Ta.

Louopsomy G Force.

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