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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Ain't seen no steam....

Procrastination, irritation, gorgeous bagel and quoffee, back ache, air con, sunshine, learning to wait again, patience, reunion, endless needing a pee and dehydration.

Basket ball, Italian handmade cigars, wheelchairs, whacking great heels, pugs, gorgeous legs, cosmopolitan people, heat, smells, lychee stalls, cherries, big boobs, yellow, ridiculous sirens that seem to take the piss out of their own urgency and no one seems to get out of the way or take the situation seriously, pointless horn blowing, flashing red hands, dust, relaxation, industrious chinese, benches, community, endless blocks, sky scrapers, clip boards, thirst, bruschetta, shrimps, tip-paranoia, meaningful meetings with old travel companions. Walking endlessly, block after block, empire state building, beautiful shoe shops, cool dudes, Broadway, 5th avenue, 10thavenue, 10 dollars, shower in the loo.

But no steam.

Louchoochoo a wap bap bam bal looba.


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