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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Free and Easy

New York is fabulous.
Really the most vibrant and ace place ever.
Will be keeping a diary on my blog so keep an eye on that.

I gate crashed a private view in a cool suburb called Williamsburg and gave my card to the manager, she was really cool and the exhibition was an amazing blown glass exhib called 'Smoked'. Some of it quite grotesque but some really pushing a niche medium in amazing ways and very beautiful. Thought.... ermmmmm yes.... liking the style of this. They had a DJ spinning tunes and it reminded me of our open studio and I had a poignant moment.

Not spent that much time in the hotel but it is swanky.... in all the right places but not really my cup of tea. All mink and and no knickers. Room is small but modern and clean ... gorgeous sheets but in the morning really dark and I feel like a rabbit. Full of posers in the lobby and on the terrace. Pop music in the lift.

Been struggling with my back a bit as not stretched for ages so found a yoga place today and did a session with the trendy locals. Obviously I had no kit as was just out and about, so asked if I could wear lost property. Managed to find a pair of shorts and a t-shirt but every time I did a forward bend I got a huge whiff of unfamiliar B.O. Had a massage afterwards with a cool chick called Angie! Ha Ha! I know how to treat myself eh!? Then I went to an amazing sushi/ dumpling / tapas place called BOZU which was really reasonable ... food - out of this world. I sat at the bar like a dudess ;) It was a perfect experience, was rather blown away by the wasabi and the ambiance until I got up and realised the person, sorry, cretin, before me had stuck their chewing gum under the bar and it was all over my bag, which i had then swung around onto my bottom and dangled my scarf in. Just great.

Walked to the metro and no word of a lie.... passed a group of old Cuban geezers with a record player and panama hats dancing and sitting on the side walk. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Its so warm its absolutely gorgeous weather.

Then I got the metro back... have nearly sussed it.... there was a busker and no joke everyone on the platform was singing along and some dancing! Makes the tube look like a long rattling coffin.
Evey time I have used the metro its vibrant, everybody chatting. Not to strangers but to each other and friends. This is a very chatty city. I love the accent. There are so many peoples! So many. Its so cosmopolitan its breathtaking. There are so many different people sharing the same space. Its also clean. There's no rubbish and there's water fountains and COMMUNITY. Everywhere. Its also gentle. There doesn't seem to be much aggro. Every ones just getting on with it. There's also some absolutely huge people, I mean tall huge. I have never seen such tall big people and little ones too! Really little! Its bonkers.

On the way back to the hotel, just outside, a really gorgeous and cool dude black cat guy said 'Hey babe, you look lonely!' So I said in my best English accent ' I am very happy thank you! Good night'
and swanned up the escalator into the hotel where I am now.

Have been invited by Angie who did massage to a ZUMBA dancing class tomorrow to shake some Batty. Going to hire a bike in Central Park and try and see MOMA museum of Mod art. I dont want to leave yet but its my last day.

Gonna have a shower in the loo.

Lousome awesome x

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