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Monday, 21 June 2010

Bras, craft and concrete...

Times Square about an hour ago.

Whooo hooo what a day.
I wish I had a footstep measurer thingy.

Started the day with a trip to Central station, then I did the high line, wow it was hot. Passed a fabulous door way pictured below. This guy came out and I said ... can I have a peek inside... (it was a bar) and he said ' Yawl quickly naaa' or something like that. And there were a thousand bras hanging from the back of the bar decorating and dangling down all over the place! I asked if I could take a photo and this other dude said ' Yawl haff to carm buck later doll face and take to take a picture and swing ya bra up on that bar ywallll.' (That is my attempt at typing New York style.)

I told him that I needed my bra as I had a lot of miles to cover, at this point I realised that he was staring at my boobs and I gave him a polite nod and backed into the road.

Did you know I owned a rather large firm? Yep.

Sunset from The Empire State.

The concrete jungle that is New York. Makes you feel very very little.

Titty bar door.

Me and my old travelling pal from 12 years ago ... Introducing Ms Livesey. Hey Lovely!


I have been blown away by the Museum of Modern Art's exhibition 'Dead or Alive.'

Apart from the fact that an old friend from my MA is in it Susie M alongside old Damien baby no less and a huge favourite of mine, Nick Cave, its the most inspiring show I have seen for a while.

Wowzers. It made my day that museum it did. That place rocks with applied arts and crafts.

I also trekked up The Empire State Building with another few thousand people ... but it was well worth it. I got my moneys worth and stayed up there for nearly an hour and a half watching the sunset and listening to Rhapsody in Blue on my ipod.

I then walked all the way through Times Square... really rather bonkers in a weird slightly twisted kind of way and walked all the way uptown many many blocks and bought a cup of cha. I have just packed and am now eating fruit salad.

Good night!

Loustate upside yarl. x

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