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Monday, 5 July 2010

Sant Barbarbara not Santa Christmas...

I love taking photos of people taking photos. dunno why. sos.

Well... July 4Th is a big deal here as you would imagine. America's birthday and all that jazz.
Its a funny old thing but Americans seem to behave themselves. OK OK so I am a tourist and I am seeing a safe and day light view of the places I am in... I not venturing out in the early hours going to bars and clubs and squats.... so I am probably a bit naive.... and possibly a bit frustrated but there you go I am not taking unnecessary risks but having a reasonably relaxing time.
BUT... Americans don't walk round with cans of lager. I mean its July 4Th today and I didn't see ONE person with a can of beer or wine. SERIOUSLY. I was concerned about drinking my water bottle filled with red wine, so much so that I walked to the far end of the pier to have half a glass. It maybe Santa Barbara ... it seems a pretty small town with a tight grip round its expanding waist. It seems that DISCIPLINE is very important here...
Often I have heard parents reprimanding their children to the point of saying 'Don't get sand on you' on the beach to toddlers. People seem very well behaved ... almost a bit quaint or suppressed...? I dunno ... I just think what my friends are like at festivals and parties.... they would be arrested here. In fact I have seen two people today in handcuffs sitting on the pavement.. as I walked past one the police man was saying to the guy in hand cuffs friend 'He had passed out in an alley when we found him!' He said this as if he were saying 'He had just murdered an old lady with a machine gun when we arrested him.'
Blimey. Got nothing worse to do Bro?

Now listening to Devendra Banhart .... 'Now that I know' if you have never listened to this tune.... maybe give it a go.

I always fancied being a DJ and am listening to one of my all time 2010 favourite big Lou's play lists that I used to embroider to when I got in the mode. Rock and Roll.
BEST EVER Embroidery sound tracks 2010!
Wouldn't sell as a CD I don't think.

I think this guy knew he was a bit of a dude. Bikes are 'in' here, more than the UK. So are tattoos. Big Time. Rebellious skin perhaps... ?

Well, my three week American Tour is almost over ..... this time tomorrow night I will be boarding my Quantas Airbus. With about God knows how many other people. Great - A huge big lump of metal filled with strangers to launch itself into the sky for about 12 -14 hours.
I am going to lose a whole day. Tuesday is a no no .. doesn't exist. So think of me on Tuesday. Flying through the sky i a timeless world of mini toothbrushes,eye patches, foil feasts and swollen ankles on the other side of the globe ... remembering that I have had a good life, that I chose to leave the comfort of my gorgeous Bristol flat and the arms of my devoted, charismatic and entertaining friends. In the hope that I will make it to the next area of land and hit the ground better than I did when I landed in New York and the aircraft almost toppled over sideways as we landed. That was fun. :)
But hey -- sometimes you have to let go of the controls.
You have to trust in other people and if all else fails remember to remain fluid, accepting and easy. Travel, see the world, meet people, worry less and smile... you will get there ... just let go and let the fat lady sing.

You wouldnt believe it but I am now eating Campbells mushroom soup for my tea and its 11pm or there abouts.

Thankjs for reading.... feel free to ask questions...make comments... share ... bla bla... ?

Lousa USA OK OK Yeah! Whoop!


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  1. I can't believe I've been reading about your adventures for 3 weeks! Its gone so quickly...



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