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Monday, 5 July 2010

Independence wit Grace.

Groovy Baby.

Have had a couple glasses of red vine and appropriately listening to ' Drunken Tune' by Cinematic orchestra which is fantastic. Download it and have a glass.

This is me doing a jig.

You don't want to sit on these in the dark. Eh Eh! What a card.

A nice house.

A nice tree.

A lonely loon.

Well its weird you know .. being a loner and all that jazz.

You have to remind yourself that you have as much right to be here as anyone around you.
Its not that you feel insecure ... its just that you are quite literally wandering around amongst crowds on your own. Its a weird old thing. Not something to make a song and dance about but a conscious thing. There's nothing like surrounding yourself with friends. Like a big warm blanket of surprises.

You lot must be feeling really bloody sorry for me by now... bless her, Little Lou, no friends to hang around with on this big trip in foreign lands. BUT NO! Don't be... I am on a walkabout and for some reason its necessary and Grace Jones 'Pull up to the Bumper' has just come on and I couldn't give a fig. Groovy baby Groovy.

I did July 4Th in The US of A all on my own ... I did not speak to anyone but wandered around in my hat. I will go to the next post and post my photos so that you can see what I saw... although having a shitty little digital doesn't make me feel in command of taking REAL photos.
(I was the one going on about bloody photos the other day) but on your own as an artist, yeah I am by the way, an ARTISAN! What you need is a decent camera with attitude. And my hat. And Grace Jones.... Slave to the bloomin Rhythm Grace.
Bet she doesn't worry about being on her own. OR does she?


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