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Friday, 4 June 2010

Dedication is what you need! Said the lovely Roy.

You don't get anywhere in life just drinking shandy. I was brought up on 'Record Breakers' and 'Blue Peter.' So yes darlings, you guessed it. I am back in the studio.

I am painting the dancing flapper girls after a couple of tipples and it was going extremely well until 2 minutes ago when I smudged some black paint with my resting elbow. So just thought I would have a breather and log in - check my email and show you my total dedication.

The hotel in the Big bad Apple is booked and I still cant get my head around the fact... as I sit here in this finally cool space, my home for hours and hours of work, that this time in two weeks I will be wandering the streets of New York on my tod.

And yes , I am hoping that this time in two weeks I will have met someone who could possibly see the potatoes in my work, ahem, sorry, the POTENTIAL in me and my work and the wonderful beautiful wow making pieces that I believe I am capable of making given the right support.
All I need is some time, some space and someone who will promote my work and sell it in the right market. I am thinking swirling, electrifying propellers of embroidered illustriousness.

To be totally honest....I am incredibly anxious about leaving for six months.
I am almost excited but I am a bit tired. I'm in love with everyone around me and cant believe I am saying goodbye to all these friends in a few days. Strangely, I cant relate to the fact that I will be pulling in my bernina anchor out of the Bristol summer sands and flying off.

But I am looking forward to teaching the ladies in New Zealand, that should be a giggle.
Its just SO FAR AWAY!!!

Good night sweet peas and thanks for reading. Have a lovely weekend.

Loulove you long time.

(Listening to 'Eight Ball' by Underworld)


  1. Good luck and have a wondeful time. I have admired your work from afar for ages, my plan is to sell enough of my own stitchery so I can buy some of yours. HURRAH!

  2. Bella so wish I was going to NY with you ..... Next time Hon! You are going to wow them . Missing you xx



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