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Friday, 4 June 2010

Aghhhhhhhh ... Bonjourrrr.

Evening all.

Well its a beautiful hot schmoozin day and I am in the studio looking out over the buildings and the sunshine... barby smells drifting up and frivolity wafting over from the canteen.


I have to finish this final commission and I only have 4days to do it. Piddly poops ... talk about last minute. My studio is so full , open studio is in a week and its hot. I fly to New York two weeks today and I still havent got an appointment with the Ms ART fantastico ....

Sod it Sidney. I am going for a lager shandy and yes I am going to join the studio gang and go to TIM LANES exhibition at the KNIFE SMITH gallery in Brizzy wizzy. The commission can wait till tommo.


Lou Vegas.

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