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Friday, 18 June 2010


I am in New York.
Can you bloody believe it.
Its hot and gorgeous.
I had my first bagel and coffee.
I got a yellow cab with a Bangladeshi driver.
I was stuck in security for 3 hours.

I still dont know if I can squeeze in the meeting as the lady in question has disappeared off the planet. I have taken a huge risk, thrown caution to the wind and flown by the seat of my embroidered pants to spend all this money on specially coming to New York to see her. OH TITS! WHY have I been so extravagant. She said she couldnt wait to meet me and now... POOF! shes evaporated.

I have had to do a very out of character thing and lay my heart on the table and 'bother' Ms. Big. I have sent my last plea. I hate hassling people as I dont believe this is the way things work, for me it goes against the grain. But ... I look back in my career and realise I didnt get to making a living out of being an artist by being a pussy cat. Its looking highly unlikely at the moment and I seem to be way off her list but today is my last effort then I will put it down to experience.
But what does that mean??? I have had enough experience to know thats a load of old clap trap.

Come on Universe -sort it out.

Maybe I am not destined to continue with my work.
Seriously now,,,,,I am not being morose, maybe theres other things on the horizon.

Oh Shit no..... of course not.
Thats a load of clap trap too. Splurrrrrrgggggg....blarbbbbb.


Time for a Gin and tonic.

Louiji Gardinelly, New York.


  1. Sit back and enjoy New York, before you start worrying too much, I think there's always a reason why we do things, it just isn't always apparent why at the time, just don't give up your wonderful work!

  2. I am!

    I broke the seal today and my travelling shoes and worldly ways are warming up.

    Thanks though and yes... enjoy.

    Louise :)



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