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Friday, 25 June 2010

The real America.

I just love this... its the simplest idea in the world.... loads of loo rolls all the time by the loo in an attractive display which changes all the time. Call me small minded but this to me is amazing. Pure genius, practicality and art mixed into one.

Rocks my world.

I wanted to take photos of all the different ones but a few women in the loo got suspicious of me taking a camera into the loos so I had to abate my urges.

Ta Ta....

I am enjoying this blog ... hope you are.

Lou Roll



  1. Well I'm enjoying it, even if no-one else is commenting! Love the loo rolls, as we have a family of 6, it could save a few arguments about who uses the most!!! (one each)

  2. hehehe does that make us Aussie's smart for doing the same thing with the toilet rolls?? :) I am enjoying your blog very much as the chances of me getting to any of these places any time soon is very very slim. :)



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