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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Stormy Weather...

Evenin' all.

Well well well.

I have walked miles and miles this week, my legs are pooped.

BUT today I booked a car as I gonna hit HIGHWAY 1on Monday, one of the most famous roads in the world.

I don't know about you but i have a weird mental block when it comes to booking things on line, its like a block, an uncomfortable … 'I am gonna get shafted' block.

But this was a breeze. It took some shifting and shaking and I went up the wrong road first, up the back alley, barked up the wrong tree, but with a little patience and a shot of laid back liquor, I was sorted.

Ashton, from Supercheap cars ... i think I love you.

Okay, we have got Hertz, Budget, Dollar, Avis … I have never known so much about hiring a car and there's not much to know. Its as simple as pie, but full of dark dingy demons.

It didn't take much to suss out though and its the same old…. go with your gut.

Originally I found myself in AVIS portacabin, rent a cabin and the woman that attended me behind the ply wood grey desk with a microphone, was small, probably Chinese, squat, slightly masculine and wearing a really dodgy black leather jacket and lets say she had a 'high glow.' She kept saying ' I give you good car' 'I give you good car' " i give you best new spunky car.'

At about $800 for a week DUCKY LUCKY LADY!!!

You must be joking Mrs Jacket.

You must think I am a right puff.

So… SUPERCHEAP CAR does what it says on the tin. Yeah baby. It is super cheap. Well, in comparison to the rip off merchants you would imagine when hiring a car in the US. I left it a day, started to slightly panic but squash it aside and ignore all the usual … AGHHHH you gonna miss goody goody deal lady Woo!!! and stayed cool. Got up, had breakfast, wrote a few emails and then came across a page of car rental reviews without even realising. Then I phoned Ashton. I love him and I have never even met him. No deposit, half the price and will pick me up. Great reviews and all cocha. So I will have a car on Monday. And I have to suss out the roads. Totally cool. Highway 1 US of A yeah baby yeah baby …. rock and roll, swing it sista,,,, boom boom shake the room….N Rah Hah, lets drive, wheels of STEEL!

Look at him! Little chuckie egg.

A new use for your ol' shoes... yuck..Walked past a garden full of them.

Have stayed in San Fran longer than I thought I would although I had no plans so not really. I can get around on the bus , train, tram and on foot quite easily and my map is looking a little dog eared and covered in Biro notes. All the time I am travelling I can feel a slight pull in my cheeks towards my eyes…my smile muscles are constantly flexing. I feel that I am feeling generally happy and high most of the time. I went in the MOST AMAZING SHOP today and the beautiful lady let me take photos. I was blown away by the store. Look at these..

I have had the most amazing night.

Amazing amazing.

Seriously. I was so happy and moved and amazed and stoked and okay, a little bit tipsy with rum, ginger, lime…. a 'Stormy Weather ' or two…I saw the most fab gig … by chance … and I found tears rolling down my cheeks and I just wanted to sob with admiration and emotion and reminiscence and content and disbelief and love. Okay, so the stormy weathers worked a treat. They were DEELISH and they did what it said on the tin along with some awesome music.

Woo Sista… you were ice ice baby cool.

She was a US legend…singing another legends songs … Gill Scott Heron…. cant even remember her name although, like my lovely sister, her first name was Michelle….. but her last name was complicated … will let you know tomorrow. She was pure dude.

I am proof that you can and do have a great time on your own, a really great time.. You just gotta have tha balls to go with the flow. I will write about it tomorrow as I am knackaroonered.

Have lovely day my sweet potatoes, remember to plant and water your own seeds and not expect someone to bring you flowers.

Lou Something Cant Remember.


It is now tomorrow.... today so I have her name MESHELL NDEGEOCELLO at Yoshi's Jazz Club. Superbbbbb.

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