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Monday, 5 March 2012

Hello and Welcome!!!!


Woop woop woop woop woop woop!

Welcome to bloggerrobba jobba follower no 150. :)

There are times when I wonder whether to ditch this blog and there are times when I feel it is more of a hindrance than a help but I have become slightly attached to it as it has been going for a couple of years and I do hope that you find it inspiring / interesting / occasionally a bit of a LARF.
For me it is a personal diary of my professional life with its ups and downs.   
I endeavour to portray what goes on in an embroiderererers career and how things develop, change, ebb and flow.  

Thank you all for following it and I promise you some exciting work over the next few weeks.... 

And if you would like to see the final result ... don't forget to book your tickets for COLLECT at the Saatchi .. its £10 if tickets are bought in advance.  
Please see the Crafts Council website.

The exhibition is only on from the 10th - 14th May.

When I have GOT to get some fresh air  and my body has frozen into a chair shape 
I take my camera around the fields and march around to try and get my blood circulation going again and my brain ticking over..... 
The other day something horrific happened  - BA BA BAAAAA!!!!
I turned suddenly into a mad crafty textiler and found myself sniffing some sheeps wool and collecting off a fence.... oh my lordy! And yes it is going into the COLLECT work.... I have officially lost it ... I will be wearing hemp dungarees and getting beads put in my hair very soon. 

HELP ME!!!! 



  1. Just passed by before going to Jersey - Textile Showcase - surprise baby is 2 next Monday! I can't believe the blatant copying of your designs. I bought those cards and only give them to family so I sometimes get them back to frame! I would never say they were mine though - not that anyone would believe me anyway.

  2. Please don't ditch your blog. I love it, you make me howl with laughter at times, good for the soul. So thank you for your time and effort in this regard, it is truly much appreciated.

  3. I hope you don't decide to ditch us!!!! I've done the very same thing myself with wool but got a bit squeamish when I realised it was a bit skanky- yours looks a lot cleaner, blowing in the breeze:)

  4. Really enjoy the progress of you work, please keep showing us!

  5. No Im not gonna ditch yas. Its a great way to keep a diary of my working life and I will enjoy looking at it when I am an older lady. 'Oh those were the days! I used to sew and sew and sew ... bla bla bla... "
    Any way the deal is that you keep commenting ... you are best at it Dotty .. you are officially a bloggerobbajobba groupie!! ;)



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