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Monday, 5 March 2012

Processssssssss with a capital Pea.

Part of my original COLLECT exhibition  proposal... this idea has developed somewhat and is now tumbling far into the dessert of my mind...Thats dessert as in pudding.  

(Copyright Louise Gardiner. 2012)

My studio has been taken over with huge pieces of tracing paper ... 
ooohhhhhh...lovely stuff, lovely texture and feel and light and translucency ...  Its up there with masking tape in my TOP TEN art tool charts.  

(Copyright Louise Gardiner. 2012)

This is a drawing of my brain at the moment! 

(Copyright Louise Gardiner. 2012)

Swirly Curly Whirly.... too much??  Mmmm.

(Copyright Louise Gardiner. 2012)

Throwing my glasses down and rubbing my eyes most likely .... 
how many tendril whirly swirlies can a girl take in a month......

(Copyright Louise Gardiner. 2012)

More and more complex..... tumble tumble....

(Copyright Louise Gardiner. 2012)

(Copyright Louise Gardiner. 2012)

(Copyright Louise Gardiner. 2012)

Disco Blob brain whirl spin. 


Slowly getting where I want to be after trying to lose control again and not holding onto the idea too tight...... thats the trick.. Let it go and follow it through.... Am I making sense... maybe only to you... 

Ta Ta for now. 

Lou Tumbling too.

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