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Friday, 25 June 2010

Hugging Trees

TODAY I visited MUIR WOODS with my lovely buddy Eileen. I did a 4 mile hike around and I saw .... seriously ... no word of a lie... a banana SLUG!!! Yes it looks like a banana, I got a really crap photo of it if you don't believe me. I was nearly sick. I also saw a gecko doing press ups and a bright lemon yellow bird.

If you want to get your existence in perspective then go see the Redwoods. They make you feel small but part of a big picture. They rock your world. They rule the school.
Who's the daddy!? you think when looking at a Redwood.

You know, everything was absolutely beautifully preserved, the wood was a massive expanse of land, looked after, managed well but left alone and the trees were jaw dropping.
But the thing that got me the most, that was the most memorable, astounding... was the smell.

Its tempting not to use these photos as they just don't do the trees justice....

Maybe this one gives you an idea of scale.....

Aghhhhhh ... Little Lou.

Tree pose seemed appropriate.. snort snort!

The perfume of the wood was intoxicating. I had to breathe heavily all the time to inhale as much as possible.

Cedar, Sandalwood, eucalyptus, pepper, citrus and pine tones which literally hit you in a warm wave. I mean, I am only guessing about the ingredients, I have no idea, apart from the fact it was a redwood wood and these trees rule, rock the world!
They make you believe in a God, in the heavens. They have an intensity about them but seem to put everything in perspective. They make you forget about time but at the same time are all about time. Yeah man!
You know what I am saying!!!!! Yeah!
They are powerful, thousands of years old and really bloody tall.

Big up to you Redwoods!! You rule me.

Little Lou.

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