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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Colourful San Fran!

Wandering the city in ma suede boots.
Walking miles everyday.
Tasting food that is out of this world.
Yesterday I had Peruvian at lunch time and Sushi at night time.... both involved melt in your mouth raw sliced fish, lime juice, ginger and mouth watering deliciousness. Have met a girl called Eileen who is from Armenia but lives in LA. She is moving to San Fran and yesterday I went with her to view some flats as she was struggling to make her mind up. Great Flats, small but full of light and clam.
Eh!? Clams? Full of Clams? I mean calm!!!!

Snaperoonies ...

Just an average hardware shop with a twist...

Tea cups in Antique Window...

God I love Gaffa.....

A typical street....

An average flower stall....

Have booked another 3 night at the hostel as there is so much to see here and I would rather do somewhere properly than scoot around like a blue arsed fly like I do at home.

Realised that I actually sit down calmly and eat breakfast now and am definitely unwinding.
I occasionally find I am smiling to myself at bus stops and things and generally I am smiling all the time. It seems so normal to be here but every nown and again I have to pinch myself and say 'Little Lou in San Fransisco!' Woop Woop!

Got a text from Mum when I woke up this morning saying she missed me loads and that made me feel a little homesick and a bit 'Oh jeez, i am only in my first week. I am away for 6 months. 6 months. That is actually a long time when you don't have a base and only a case. Thinking allot about friends I didn't get to see before I left and also my god-daughter Ella Bo, that makes me feel a little rubbish and sad. But hey... you have to look forward and keep on trucking. I am beginning to wonder what significance this has in my life, this trip, the fact that I am able to do this both exhilarates and saddens me at the same time. But then I think of all my family and extended family in the form of friends and know that they are there if I need them. BLESS THIER COTTONS!

Still bloody fed up they have all gone to Glastonbury and wont be thinking a jiffy about me though the hedonistic party animals that they are!!!!! Damn I am jealous! What a big fat weekend that is gonna be.

Went to a gallery yesterday and asked if I could chat to the lady there for a couple of minutes about the art scene in San Fran. She looked at me with her pale pouty face.
Despite the savvy hat, my Indian embroidered beautiful scarf and my cool suede boots she looked at me as if I had just crawled out from under her shoe in a brown spandex poo suit.
This is the second time this has happened to me with private galleries in a week and I find it extraordinary how rude some people feel they have the right to be.

It infuriates me so much I could spit several times onto the same spot.
I have to have a seriously speedy unspoken word with myself and remember my parents wisdom, that the best way to be with people like this is to be as lovely polite and charming as possible.
This is in the vain hope that they will have a moment of miraculous empathy for human kind, realise that if they smiled or welcomed peoples into their small dysfunctional world they could remove the large bristly, spiky cucumber of doom from their arses and have a nicer life. Okay, maybe she was having a bad day. But in my opinion this part of the art world stinks.
After my experience of being totally let down in New York, granted; I was flying by the seat of my pants and I took a risk, but was treated with about as much respect and regard as a napkin, without an apology or so much as a decent well-mannered reply to my emails. To show such nonchalance to someone who has gone to so much effort to show you what you asked to see, well, they must be really bloody important. I have no time for flakes.
I do not want to have anything to do with them, my work is too precious and my life is far too short and in this case I couldn't give a flying fart about burning bridges as the bridges were made of pastry.

Keep on loving and spread the love.

Looking forward to meeting the lovely ladies of New Zealand. And dont get me wrong, everybody else I have met here is fabulous!

Off to see the tallest trees in the world today, as you do.

Fort Mason Hostel, Sanny Frannyisco.


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  1. Loving this blog, sounds like your having a great time, apart from the snooty people..... (so I'm not the only person in the world treated like that then!)



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