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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Mop Rock.

Well thats it.

I need to get a job as a cleaner as no ones buying sodding art.

Maybe my brother can help me out?

Yes he is the one on the left.

Louella Benjamin


  1. Hi Louise, sorry to hear your beautiful work isn't flying out. I most definitely intend to visit you and buy a piece of your work next time I am in the UK, hopefully sometime this year.
    Best wishes Judy

  2. Thanks Judith.
    How lovely! I look forward to that.

    I realise that at the moment I am concentrating on PR and larger projects which sound impressive but leave little time for bread and butter work. Many of these fancy jobs don't pay.
    Its quite shocking actually.

    So, as my Dad would say, its a case of being patient! With Embroidery you need the patience of a saint.

    I said to my sista this morning that I feel like I am running an unfunded ' Embroidery charity' at the moment. Encouraging one and all to get their machines out.

    However, Its encouragement from people like you and small commissions that keep me going whilst I wait for the press and the art scene to catch up!

    Luckily now the media have started an interest in craft, artists and makers like me will, in time, hopefully benefit! But really its only the fighters and the really passionate that survive because its such a volatile profession demanding so much sacrifice.

    Ooh - we could have a good discussion over coffee couldnt we!

    Louiji Boticelli



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