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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Swingin Sista!

Well at last fame and stardom!  
Having illustrated the gorgeous new book for Kirstie Allsopps Homemade Home I was invited to London yesterday to teach this lovely lady how to free machine embroider.  A master class in Notting Hill. This will be part of the next series in Autumn.  

It goes without saying that Kirstie loved it (of course!) and said it was the best craft she had learnt so far with the TV Series ... Oh yes!
She went to the lengths of exclaiming -

'I am addicted!  Machine Embroidery is the crack cocaine of the craft world!'  

Yeahhhh baby! Say it again!
It is all rock and roll when it comes to free machining with Lou Gardiner!  WooWoo!
Its not what you do ... its the way that you do it!  

Cant wait to see the program - should be pretty colourful... what with me and my floppy hair, rave music and Kirstie's sincere enthusiasm.  A shame it was so short, so interrupted (completely nessesary for TV) and that we didnt get to really submerge ourselves in the creation of fabulous artworks, although considering the circumstances we did quite well.  
I have only watched one of the series but if it promotes embroidery and gets people stitching and talking, great!  

So - watch out for that and remember if you would like to go on my mailing list then email me your details to -


Now its time for my next HUGE project - more high profile than any I have done before..... 

A stupendous 2m embroidered artwork for LIBERTY window in Regent Street, London.

I have decided that I need to work at home in solitude to make this happen in only 3 weeks.  
3 weeks intensive brain boggling creativity and physical endurance - already got a screwed shoulder before I start.

Looking forward to it though - should reach other parts no embroidery challenge has reached before.... 

Will be keeping a diary of every stage so watch this space for some extreme machining!

KIRSTIE - you are a cool lady and it was great to meet you!!!! 
Lets do a whole program!!!!


  1. Can't believe you don't have loads of comments on your superb work. Can't wait until your workshop at the Textile Showcase.

  2. Thanks Muriel!
    Yes - you are the first. People are very bacjkwards at coming forwards these days but it was lovely to hear from you! :)



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