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Friday, 12 February 2010

Lets get stoned man!

Well, I have got to transport myself back into the 1960's and like this advert I have to
blow my own at home!

My mind that is.

I think I already said it but I have decided to work in my flat and not in my studio for 3 weeks. I need total concentration and no distractions....AND lots of ROOM!

I am working on the LIBERTY PIECE for the project 'QUILTY PLEASURES' which is rather large to say the least. It has to be finished in 3 weeks and I need to become a hermit.
Have organised a few dinner dates so don't worry I am going to get out and about or


Research so far includes some rather groovy crazy 60's Japanese poster design, some pop art and some psychedelic craziness. I am thinking sultry eyed chickeeta, hot dogs, rainbows and flashing fairy lights. Oh yes. Might have to take magic mushrooms for this project and play
The Doors.

Theme - 1960's porn poster to celebrate Carnaby Street's 50th birthday and also 'The Festival of Quilts' at the V&A Museum, where I will also be teaching a workshop called

'SUPERSTITCHERS' - Call them for details....

I also have handed my notice in for this lovely flat/ home where I lived for 5 years. :(
Thats another reason I thought I would work here - I started by working here when I first moved to Bristol so I am completing the circle by finishing with a project in the same big gorgeous front room.

So... It IS time.
I have to take the plunge and get up to Cheshire to get the farm studio ball rolling in time for the Kirstie Allsopp 'Homemade Home' program in Autumn.

You could say that its a wee bit mad here in my life right now ... but better that than boring.

'Life is what you make it' to sing a line from 'Talk Talk' from a long time ago in pop music terms. I was literally a baby when that came out. Yeah!?

I am throwing all the balls in the air - and as a wise French man once said -
'make sure that you catch the right balls.'

Ta Ta for now.

Louiji Gardinelly.

P.s - The man with the beard is not my lover.

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