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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Hey hows it hanging?

Bonjour mes amis.

I am taking things very slowly so as to make more headway and avoid mistakes down the line with this mighty project

Pleased to report the progress of my work for LIBERTY - photographs etc below, the most recent up top and scroll down to see progress backwards. I will endeavour to update this and write more as and when I can take a break.... Remember - it is a slow and methodical process - especially the applique at the beginning....

More inspiration research shown here...

Idea Forming - Large sexy Psychedelic genie appearing with force from lamp which has been rubbed and caressed into life.... Licky lips cosmic flower powerful sexy beastess Indian cloud with Carnaby street/ flower power/ 1960's / radical love and peace and flirtation.... direct gaze - consumer power, choice, I WANT YOU ... do you want me too? You know you cant resist me, I am all powerful, Medusa-esque, twiggy-esque, pop-esque, reds, greys, blacks, silver, white, pearlescent, stitched, ornate, celtic, ornamental, free love, woman - sex thing, male fear, control, pigeon holing..... and so on..... wow - I am enjoying this!

What dya think Folks?

Louarna Gardillarna x

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