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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The Applique Bronx.

Awwww Man!

This is a slow methodical process and I have the urge to go out and rave it up!

Locked indoors, best Albums on....threads everywhere .... slow progress.... 4 pairs of scissors on the loose ... keep losing them all, the applique bronx of Bristol.

Occasionally a flash of self doubt... Aghh!

What IF they dont like it.....?"

This lasts for approximately 3 seconds and then I delve back in - like a deep sea diver through seaweed, steadily positively thrusting forward, one stroke at a time, steady and inspired, with the occasional gleam of sun through the sweed and the knowledge that everything is going to be alright.

They are gonna LOVE IT!
Patience Louby G patience.

It will all turn out fine.
Not just fine but MIGHTY FINE!
Finer than a fresh loaf of bread, a finely baked cake, a bed of snowdrops, a rainbow on a rainy day...

(Deary me. Have I been indoors too long?)

Steady now.... tricky wicky.

Don't worry - its just the reflective fabric reflecting back at the flash ... the idea is that occasionally the eyes will flash at you if hit by a light. Traffic - torches, bikes, street lights, fairy lights... who knows but once these are embroidered - they wont be quite so worrying. Patience veiwers.

Come you lot - Give me some feedback!!!!!????

Louiji Davinci.



  1. Okay, I am trying to do something similar myself, obviously not as big :) and I know how damn hard it is. So I am totally impressed with what you are doing. It looks funky. Keep going :)

  2. Looby, your blog is stupendous - such a talent. Not many people know this side of you which is a pity. You have an exciting way with words. Me thinking "book". The Liberty piece looks amazing and when hung under lights will be a real crowd puller me thinks. Have you sent the blog to Liberty by any chance. Sunny day here and snowdrops shining. Lots love Nun and D. XXX



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