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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Right ... enough's enough ... lets get blogging!

Well, it has been a while and this blogging thang hasn't exactly bitten me on the bum.  
I will endeavour to be a committed blogger but actually I prefer communication which involves a pen and paper.  I struggle with the word 'blogger' ... its not a very attractive word and for me conjures up a mental picture of someone who has too much time on their hands.  I am sure that that is a load of rubbish and I hope this will be a useful tool for students and also a small creative space for chatty debate and valuable communication.    

I have a few things I need to let you all know about but most importantly I would like to say hello to anyone who has just listened to Woman's Hour ( I am speaking in the future here as it is actually on air next Friday 9th October 2009)  and I apologise for having a blog which is very thin on the ground.
BUT, my dear readers, if you stick with me and I can see there is some demand for stitchy talk,
I promise to keep it updated and lively as it would be wonderful to have some feedback and constructive criticism and promote embroidery as a sociable, modern and fun medium.

I am just working on some new embroideries which are large and more challenging which I hope to finish for the Woman's Hour program next week.  I am going to take my sewing machine in and do some 'radio sewing!'  Should be fun, I am really looking forward to it actually and meeting Jenny Murray.  

I am also in the process of updating my website which I hope will be up and working by next friday so that I can show my new work.

Anyway .. bla bla bla ... I am off to make a lovely Fish Pie for tea.

(LG - Listening to Ernest Ranglin and drinking Jasmine Tea)

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