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Thursday, 22 July 2010

A new movement in Modern photography... you heard it here first...

Its amazing how much fun you can have on your own. Even if I don't look like it. 

I have developed a passion for the 'Self timer' button on my camera.  It started, like embroidery out of necessity and now feels like second nature. I have decided to start trying to push this art form to its limits..... so far I have not managed to express myself as far as I would like but there is time and I hope to take 'Self Timer' to new heights, pushing this niche art form into a whole new dimension.  Thus encouraging people all around the world to go out their and actually be in some of the photos that they take on their travels so thus making them a lot more interesting than 'peopleless' photos which after a while become a little dry ... we all love people watching don't we?  Ya Ya.  I could be onto something here...... Mmmm.

Watch This space.... and have fun imagining the process and mayhem before the photograph.  This could be a 'movement'.  Ya?

Lou Snap shot Gardinoto. 

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