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Thursday, 22 July 2010

IN two Days!!!!! Thats TWO days! Look what you can achieve!!!

...Thats 2 days! Look what you can achieve!!!

This my darling Dumplings is some of the Wellington Girls Work and like all the ladies I have taught so far their enthusiasm and open minded approach to learning paid off and they produced these wonderful works.  Sorry not to name them Girls but just think --- people all over the world are looking at these so you should be very very proud!  I can only throw a few up because of time and space but all of them were fantastic and so very very different!

Remember this is all drawn from scratch ... with sewing machines and then painted, appliqued and embroidered ... some of the work is 'in progress' but I am sure you will agree ... you cant tell.

This is 'Cor' - a gorgeous and fun lady on my Welly Gals Workshop! 
She sure knew how to give it some welly.  Her piece of work is above - the lady with the scarf.

The Wellington Workshop SUPERSTITCHERS.


  1. A top tutor who guides anyone with a sewing machine licence through design doubt, speed wobbles, explosive colour to build rich detail into their own pieces. Everyone produced fabulous work. She challenges you to make the best choices and solve your own queries along the way. This course has opened my eyes to a style of embroidery I want build on and explore further. Using my sewing machine has always been a pleasure – my time with Louise has made me want to take stitching to the thrill seeking level. My Technology students would love it too. I even rang to check a friend in another New Zealand city is enrolled to do Louise’s course in the next few weeks. She is! Don’t miss out.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed my Welly workshop. I find the 50/50 mix of painting and stitch is wonderful to work with. Louise gave us a very detailed and excellent lesson in how to get the most out of our machines, and in such a quirky, fun way too.
    My "Tee Hee" piece from the workshop is finished, and I have moved on to producing pictures of my grandchildren in the same style.
    Following the blog, it is so interesting to see how many varied images of ladies are coming out. And your picturesque language style is such a laugh, Louise. Makes the blog fun to read.
    Thanks a million, from Amelia



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