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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

1st Ever Blog, wow.

Blogs, schmogs, trogs ...

What's this then? !  

Evidence of something I never thought I would do.  

Watch this space for the latest life and loves of a full time Embroideress  to the stars.

Here, I will list, exhibitions, shows, workshops, talks and travel.  

Present situation - 

Based in Bristol at Jamaica Street Studio where I am full time artist and studio manager.  
37 years old. 

Exhibitions this year include -

April 2009 'Pour L'Armour'  Nantes, France.
June 2009 'Open Studio Event - Jamaica Street Bristol.'
June 2009 'Marvellous Reality' Delhi, India.
July 2009 'Art in Action' Waterperry, Oxford.
Sept 2009 'FunnyBones', Craft in the Bay, Cardiff.
January 2010 'Paper, Scissors, Porcelain'  The Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool.

Possibles - 
November 2009 'MADE' Brighton. 
November 2009 'The Northern Contemporary Craft Fair. 
2020 The Turner Prize


  1. GO GIRL! Becoming a follower is like having to pass an IQ test...You can be assured that all followers are people of determination and resilience. I've had to go away and have two cups of coffee to keep me going. Think I have now succeeded but have still not popped up....maybe tomorrow. Excited to see the end result of your project.

  2. Hello Louise,

    I see your embroidery at the Saatchi gallery last week and I must say I was rather impressed by the intricate detail in your work. Absolutely amazing, well done for all the hard work. Beautiful. x



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