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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The RWA OPEN (Minded?)

I entered this large embroidered / appliqued piece for the RWA (Royal West of England Academy) Autumn Open exhibition in Bristol a couple of weeks ago.

Its a big piece and I spent roughly, at a guess, about 85 hours to embroider, paint and applique. 

It is a spinning swirling explosion of metallic leather, sequins, feathers, embroidery, metallic thread, inks and acrylic paint.  I went 'to town' and had it framed in a very dramatic big open boxed frame lined with a shot pink - orangey red silk, this cost about £150.  

To enter, cost £15 and I was told by the lady taking the money and the gallery staff that they didn't get many embroideries.  (She also said ' Wow, thats stunning!' but thats beside the point.)  They know me from when I taught a few workshops there as part of ART OF THE STITCH a couple of years ago but I have never entered the 'open' before so I was excited.

I got a rejection letter when I arrived back from the studio after work this evening.
Remembering that the panel / judges, whoever they are, are not the lovely staff that I know that work there.... I only have one ting to say.


The place was full of 16 year old graffiti artists a few months ago with spray cans and the RWA thought it was so cool.

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