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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Zoom zoom.

Well its official and quite amazingly brilliant really - I had over 1000 hits to my website last week over 500 of which were directly from the BBC website so thanks everyone out there in the world. YipperdeeDoo!  How fab is the modern age and being able to measure stats like that. 
Makes me feel a happy chappy and i have not had the best of days today.

So people did come to the party after all!

Just preparing work for the GREAT NORTHERN CONTEMPORARY CRAFT FAIR  next week in Manchester which should be a great show, jeez - I hope people will be there to buy.
Got to finish a lot of stitching first including an unfortunately timed illustration commission which I found out today is deadline on Friday so that's three days.  What?! Backs aching already and haven't been to yoga for a week.  Missing it like mad but in a very unyogi way I just haven't got the time.  Afterwards hopefully I will be back on track and afford some time to stretch!

Tomato Soup for tea and cheese on biscuits.

Should I be writing about sex drugs and rock and roll to get some Blogollowers?


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