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Thursday, 11 September 2014

NOT made in China!


You know what...
I really believe in my product.  

I think it is truly beautiful and the highest quality available.  I wear my scarves all the time. 
Having worked long and hard on creating a 'product' with local designers and British manufacturers I have developed a unique item which is a pleasure to wear.  

'Because I Love you' Red Leopard / Black and Gold.
Original Embroidery exhibited and sold at an international show in India. 

These limited edition pieces represent the intense and highly detailed embroidered artworks that I have completed over the last 10 years.  The designs are developed from high resolution photographs of artworks that I have completed for a range of public commissions, exhibitions and private clients.  These clients include Liberty, The Saatchi Gallery and Gallery Espace, India.  
They are not digital or photo-shop designs, they are photographs of my embroidered and painted and appliqued works printed onto fine quality Crepe de Chine silk.

'Because I Love You' Grey and Red Leopard

I had the idea to develop my large embroidered artworks into something wearable 1 year ago.
I am now on my 4th edition print run but this time I am preparing my largest stock pile of gorgeous Crepe De Chine Silk Scarves for a Department store.  

To kick start this collaboration I have just installed a double window display either side of Hoopers revolving door.  In window 1 I have staged a 'mock studio' to make the connection between threads, scissors, fabric and finished artwork.  

HOOPERS Collaboration - My first major Retail adventure!

Me setting up the display in Window 1 on Monday

Completed window 1 - Lou Gardiner's studio.

Hoopers window 2 - Lou Gardiner's Originals and Bespoke Products.
Also on display a recently finished Large Original Embroidery 'Of land, of sea, of mind'

It is wonderful to have found a prestigious place who will support and represent me at a crucial time in my career.  It is absolutely wonderful that it is local.  I am delighted that they believe in my work and have given me such an exciting platform to show my collection. 
Fingers crossed it is successful.  


Stop buying labels for the sake of it. 




  1. And so say all of us! The studio window is my favourite, as I think that is the most important message to relay to people. The fact that a normal sewing machine and one lady created those beautiful items needs to be heavily emphasised, as I'm sure so many people these days think everything is done by a computer. The effort, time and skill are worth so much.

  2. The windows look fabulous - hope this collaboration goes well!

  3. Congratulations. And the displays are fabulous.

  4. Congrats to you. The window displays look fabulous and you are sending out such a great message. well done!

  5. Well done Lou. The hard work is paying off. You sure do deserve the recognition. Cheers from Helen in NZ.



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