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Monday, 16 April 2012

When will I will I be famous?

... I cant answer ...

I cant answer that.....


Remember?  Or rather not remember?

Very oh so very 80's ... the Yuppie era... I was a teenager.. this is pre-mobile phones.

Oh my lord .. I have had to switch it off half way through ... I forgot how excrutiating it is... and the video...

Ha Ha .

Have had an amazing day showing Jess and Luke, me very own film crew, how to be a superstitcher.  We even filmed Sir George, our mighty Viking King of a bull.  He is such a natural star whereas I felt as though I talked for Britain .... bla bla bla garrulous bla.... Good job it will be edited.

I am totally knackered but I am so looking forward to seeing what Jess will create....
Anyway .... Hollywood here I come.... This is going to be BIG.  Delia Smith ... step aside.

CRAFT is the new black.

Stitchin is the new rock and roll.

You don't believe me do you?

Watch this space.



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